[COVID-19] Together we help Malaysia SMEs and NGOs by offering 30% of our profit

The outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19 around the world is causing daily increases in confirmed cases and deaths. This virus has brought us not only a health crisis, but also an economic crisis.


The waves of "unemployment" and "closure" have occurred all around the world. Companies are laying off workers, cutting wages, giving unpaid leave and announcing closures. This has undoubtedly had a big impact on the global economy.


How many people will benefit from our government's support solutions of economic revitalization? Can SMEs revitalization solutions ease people's worries about the economy? As we know, it will take a long time to recover from this crisis. No matter what the situation is in the country, people still have to live their lives with food and to buy their daily necessities.

Humans can solve their own problems, but who will pay for the food shortages and health care for the animals in the national zoo and stray cats and dogs in the SPCA? All of these organizations are running out of money and food because of the shutdown of the economy caused by the movement control order. They can only rely on our charitable donations to meet the immediate needs.


Income stimulates consumption. Consumption helps create jobs. Employment provides income. The economy goes upward in a spiraled way. The faster it rotates, the faster it rises. This means that if we help each other stimulate consumption, the economy will recover quicker. We're hoping for a faster recovery. However, with social distancing and the unemployment crisis, consumption has been slowing down.


At the front of this once-in-a-century disaster, these concerns seem trivial; with all of the unknown, how about we help each other to save the rest of the SME instead of being stuck in the same place? To help SME who are facing closure or hardship, The Next Pictures has decided to launch a campaign to save our nation's SME with 30% of our profit of each project, and that will continue until the outbreak is over.


For example, we will spend 30% of the profit to purchase products of the company who are facing bankruptcy or closing, to save their situation and provide them with cash flow. Products purchased will be donated to people in need, such as homeless people, homes for the elderly and orphanages. These activities will be conducted in a transparent and open manner, such as video recording, remittance receipts and beneficiary's documents displaying.


We’re aware that a lot of companies are facing cash flow problems, and movement control orders require us to keep a safe social distance and avoid crowds; But that doesn't stop us from going through this situation together. Many economists have argued that the world will never be the same. If we stick to our old principles, we will be eliminated by this era. Alternatively, if we help each other, we will survive in a new world.


We need each of you to take strong action and have perseverance. Let us work together in this health and economic storm in the desire to revive!


【新冠肺炎大反击】共同努力应对 让我们把 30% 回酬协助大马中小型企业与非营利组织



全球刷起了“失业潮”和“倒闭潮”,许多企业在裁员、给员工降薪、放无薪假和宣布结业等,无疑给全球经济带来了一定的影响。我国政府所实施的关怀人民振兴经济配套会有多少人从中受惠?中小型企业振兴配套能缓解人民的经济忧虑?经济的恢复需要时间来执行。不管国家什么情况,大家的日子还是要过,饭照吃,生活必需品还是得买。人尚可自救,但国家动物园里的野生动物、防止虐待动物协会 SPCA 里猫猫狗狗的粮食短缺和医疗保健谁来承担?这些组织皆因行动管制令导致经济停顿而出现资金告急,粮食短缺的问题,而目前也只能靠我们的善心捐款来解燃眉之急。




在百年不遇的人类灾难面前,这些小我的忧虑微不足道;在一切未知面前,与其停步,不如我们互相扶持拯救其余的中小型企业?为了帮助即将面临倒闭或生意面对苦难的中小型企业,The Next Pictures 决定发起把我们接下来每个新案子的 30% 回酬用来拯救我国中小型企业计划,而这个计划将会持续直至疫情结束。举例来说,我们会把新案子A的 30% 回酬用于购买面临倒闭或即将结业的中小企业产品,拯救他们的业绩,给他们提供现金流。购买的产品会捐赠给有需要人士如流浪汉、老人院和孤儿院。这些举动皆会以影片记录、发布汇款收据和受益人资料证明等透明公开方式进行,让您安心。




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Together we #SurviveFromMCO
30% of the revenue to help SMEs & NGOs in Malaysia

Thank you for helping all SMEs & NGOs difference! 感谢您协助大马中小型企业及非营利组织

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